Congkak (Jawi writing: کوڠکق) is a traditional game of the Malay community that is often played during free time. Usually, it uses a wooden board with holes or holes on the ground and usually the fruit of congkak uses rubber seeds or marbles.

The conceit game involves calculations. Those who are efficient at drawing have the advantage of collecting points and subsequently winning the game.

Here are the most common rules of playing Congkak:

1. At the beginning of the game each small hole is lined with seven marbles.
2. Two players play face to face.
3. Play simultaneously. Start by choosing a hole on its side and place each marble into each hole pointing to the right.
4. When the last marble in the hand falls on a hole filled with marbles, the player can take the marble and continue filling each hole with marbles.
5. When it runs out of small empty holes on its side, then it stops and takes all the marbles on the opponent’s side, then it stops and does not get anything.
. The game is considered finished when there are no more marbles that can be taken (all the marbles are in the big hole of both players).
6. The winner is the one who gets the most marbles.

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