"Pantodra Theatre Mahsuri"


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The venue is wide recommended to wear comfortable shoes.

To avoid sunburn, wear long sleeves & long pants to avoid skin exposure also use a sunscreen & stay hydrated.

The Complex is huge. Give enough time to explore.

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15 minutes from Langkawi Airport

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20 minutes from Kuah Jetty

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Near to Dream Forest 

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Kota Mahsuri Complex ?

It’s a complex where you will experience the Malay culture & arts of Langkawi, Kedah. Told through Mahsuri’s Storytelling, Pantodra Theater Mahsuri, Mahsuri’s Museum, Mahsuri’s Tomb, Traditional Music Performance & variety interesting activity.

Do i need to book in advance or can i buy tickets on-site ?

We strongly recommend that you book your tickets online ahead of time in order to preserve the desired time allocation.

The entire Kota Mahsuri experience takes place indoors & outdoors. For safety reasons, due to partially levelled but not asphalted trails, it’s important to wear comfortable footwear and remain cautious at all time in order to avoid risk of injuries (sprain, bone fracture & etc.).

When acquiring your tickets, you undertake the activity accepting the risk & acknowledging the causes regarding this activity. You agree to play an active role in managing these risks by taking precautionary attitude towards yourself & other individuals in your surroundings.

How do i purchase and acquire my tickets ?

You can purchase your tickets either on our website : https://kotamahsuri.com, with any of our partners : https://www.langkawibook.my/attractions/makam-mahsuri , or at our on-site ticketing kiosk. For more ticketing information, please contact (+604-9553515) from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. or email us at kotamahsurilangkawi@gmail.com .

My booking includes several other people, do we all have to arrive at the same time?

No, we can validate the tickets individually. However, please ensure that each person has a copy of the booking confirmation on hand.

What if there is rain or bad weather?

The experience will still continue in any event of light rain, so do bring a raincoat, umbrella. We also provide a free umbrella with a deposit.

Of course, if there’s major bad weather or an unfortunate incident, we reserve the right to postpone or close the experience to ensure the safety of our staff & visitors.

Is Kota Mahsuri Complex built for strollers?

Yes, the entire experience takes place indoors & outdoors with winding, ascending also descending trails. Using a baby carrier / wheelchair is recommended & while it’s possible to push stroller, please be aware that it is done at your own risk.

Is Kota Mahsuri Complex suitable for family, children, elderly or people with reduced mobility ?

Absolutely, while we don’t refuse entry, please do read terms & conditions when making your booking to understand the risks.

We would recommend having a suitable, age – appropriate guardian to guide & care for them throughout the journey.

What language available at Kota Mahsuri Complex ?

It’s a mix of both Malay & English throughout the complex also special exhibition at Mahsuri’s Museum in (Malay, English, Mandarin & Thai).

Where can i see a map of Kota Mahsuri Complex?

You can explore our virtual map on https://kotamahsuri.com . We’ll also have maps available for you on-site.

How long will it take to explore Kota Mahsuri Complex ?

We suggests taking around 2 hours to fully experience the complex.

Can i take Photos or Videos ?

Highly recommended ! However, we don’t allow it inside Mahsuri’s Museum & during Pantodra Theatre Mahsuri performance (can’t use flash for photos) only after it finish can take photos with the actors.

You can tag us @KotaMahsuri on IG & FB, @kotamahsurilangkawi on TikTok !

It's possible to eat on-site ?

Food & Beverage as well as seating options are available throughout the complex. If you feel hungry during your exploration, head to the Kota Mahsuri Café for more specially curated food & beverage.

Are restrooms available throughout my journey in Kota Mahsuri Complex ?

Yes, it’s located near Kota Mahsuri Café.

Can i come to Kota Mahsuri Complex during the night ?

Our Kota Mahsuri Complex will be closed and only open from 9:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m. and however you are welcome to explore nearby local attractions.

Is Kota Mahsuri Complex pet friendly ?

Sorry but pets are not allowed on-site.

If we aren't able to arrive on our scheduled date, can we postpone our visit or get a refund ?

We usually don’t provide any refund or modifications on your initial purchase. However, in the event of any special circumstances, you can contact us for assistance at (+604-9553515) 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. or email to kotamahsurilangkawi@gmail.com .

Is parking free ?

Yes, we have free parking situated inside and outside our exit gate.

What are the ticket prices ?

Normal price per pax:-

– Entrance Ticket Adult Malaysian (RM 15.00)
– Entrance Ticket Child Malaysian (RM 10.00)
– Entrance Ticket Adult International (RM 20.00)
– Entrance Ticket Child International (RM 10.00)
– Entrance Ticket O.K.U (Free)

Theatre ticket (4 scenes) price per pax:-

– Theatre ticket Adult Malaysian – RM 15.00
– Theatre ticket Child Malaysian – RM 10.00
– Theatre ticket Adult International – RM 20.00
– Theatre ticket Child International – RM 15.00

Theatre ticket (6 scenes) price per pax:-

– Theatre ticket Adult Malaysian – RM 20.00
– Theatre ticket Child Malaysian – RM 15.00
– Theatre ticket Adult International – RM 25.00
– Theatre ticket Child International – RM 20.00

Pantodra Theatre Mahsuri available on Friday (3:30 p.m.) & Saturday (3:00 p.m.) during Normal Days also Friday (3:30 p.m.), Saturday & Sunday (3:00 p.m.) during Public Holiday & School Holiday.